Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Museum

We had a great trip to the museum. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but I'm going to try to get some pictures from one of the other homeschooling mothers.

When we first walked in we were a little taken aback. We were confused as to where all the 'engineering' activities were. Then we realized they were set up all over the museum (which is temporarily housed in a smaller building while the museum is under renovation). There was a station for building a block tower, a free standing paper tower, a run for ping pong balls, a paper 'helicopter', paper airplanes, catapult, and a couple other stations we didn't get to visit.

We were, also, able to play in the 'pretend' section with a little grocery store, house, blocks, and dress up things. There was a space section with activities to simulate working in space. You could even attempt 'going to the restroom in space'.

The last section we visited was the Cowgirl Exhibit. The kids weren't terribly interested in that except to sit on the fake pony, but it looked pretty neat. I did see a plaque that talked about how the women on ranches did more then keep the home fires burning. When necessary they were out there herding, roping, and branding cattle alongside the cowboys.

In the end, we really had a great time building things and playing with our creations. The boys spent a lot of time rolling the ping pong ball down the tracks we made and flying their helicopters. I'm so glad we got the opportunity to go.

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