Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another good day

The older two children learned multiplication today. Aria was curious about it after I put in a multiplication sheet in her math packet. She asked her friend next door about it and learned the 0's and 1's were easy and then she learned that 2's weren't so hard either after I explained that it meant 2 groups of whatever number it was multiplying. Casey overheard the conversation and understood it right away and has since multiplied several numbers, including 5 x 3 and 5 x 4. Which he counts out in his head.

Ronnie bought them both new folders today to put their work in in order to show him at the end of the day. They both got a big kick outta that!

How cool!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A fun day 'playing' school

We had a great day. Aria wanted to start our homeschool the same day as all of her friends. Which was today. I wasn't planning on beginning till next week, but since she was motivated I thought I'd go along with it. She wants to be the same as her friends who go to school without the stress of going to school.

We got up at 8:30am, which is a feat for us, since we are all night owls. We got dressed and ate a little something. We took a walk for "PE". Then we came back and read for a little bit. I picked out a story I thought Aria would like, but she got tired of it pretty quickly. I read some of Alice in Wonderland to myself.

Then we tried out Aria's Garden Stone kit. This was a bust, though, as the kit sucked big time. It's called Just My Style Room Decor Sweetheart Garden Stones. It's plaster of paris which dries so fast that you cannot decorate it. We tried with all four bags of powder and none of them worked even though we followed the directions. After that Aria put on music for 'music' class.

Then they kids ate some lunch which they made for themselves. Peanut Butter and Jelly. And finally math. They both did a few pages of a packet that I made for them. Aria got four of them done and Casey, three. Casey speaks math I think. He understood right away how to count by tens and hundreds on the rods and flats worksheets I gave him. And then he was able to add digits ten and less to digits up to 9 with no problem. He made many comparisons between the number problems like 6 + 2 and 3 + 5 had the same answer. And he knew the answer to 10 + 3 because he had just done 10 + 4 and it was just 1 more then 10 + 3. He also sounded out the word scan today.

Connor scribbled on some worksheets I printed for him also and was happily in the mix with the kids most of the day. It was a nice and busy day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm back!

We are beginning a new school year. Beginning September 1st we shall slowly institute scheduled daily activities beginning with a walk together in the morning, some fun music time to get us in the mood and 'main lesson' time. Main lesson time in the beginning will be fun stories and crafts relating to those stories. I didn't intend to have any motive behind the stories I'm choosing, but I think my kiddos would benefit from stories about kindness, love for others, compassion, empathy...they need to develop an appreciation for one another. I, also, have some Fall themed poems and crafts planned. Pictures should follow shortly.

We've have lots of learning since my last post, even though we haven't been 'schooling' so to speak. Casey is beginning to sound out words in order to play his games. He has, also, developed an amazing grasp of addition and subtract. Aria has been teaching herself the piano and making up her own songs to sing. Connor is observing all of this and soaking it all up. He is talking in very good and clear sentences. He is very inquisitive and imaginative.

I will strive to make this year a fun and encouraging one.