Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Times

We've been busy lately. I haven't as much time as I used to have to blog. We've started bowling with local homeschoolers every Tuesday. The kids really enjoy it. We are also spending time on Fridays with other homeschoolers that are becoming good friends. Those times are welcome breaks from our academics and help keep us from too much cabin fever.

Aria's schoolwork, today, included writing an email to Grandpa, filling in a place value chart to the trillions, math worksheets practicing place value, reading to herself for 15 minutes, and watching Bindi the Jungle Girl. She is making good, steady progress in all categories.

Casey's schoolwork, today, included word review worksheets from, writing some of his review words and watching Bindi with us. He, also, became familiar with the concept of odd and even. He decided that our family's number is odd, but he verbalized it as "our family is odd". To which I heartily agreed.

The word of the day today was "urge".

We are scheduled for a field trip to the science museum at the end of the week. They are having engineering activities this week. We will get to build things of our own. It should be a lot of fun and all our friends will be there.

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