Monday, March 31, 2008


Introducing, Casey Bantau, the newest alternative/folk/pop/country/toy room metal musician in the US. Casey played for me two songs of unprecedented creativity on the student guitar. Which is very impressive with the guitar having only five strings and being uncomfortably out of tune. The titles you should be listening for in the future are Rainbows Coming Out and Crystals Shining Bright.

Connor and I had a lovely snuggle in my bed with our books. He, also, finds Daddy's "Peewee Herman" impression hysterical yet disturbing. He alternately told him to "Do it again!" and then screamed "Stop!" It must be like going too high on the swing. It tickles your tummy until you get a little too high and the tickle becomes a knot of fear. And too much "Peewee Herman" definitely frightens me.

Aria is, yet again, on She has found a couple of fast friends that love playing pretend with her. At the same time, when offered other cool options, like the Indian Market, she will go and loves the experience. So, while she is on there a lot she can still be coaxed out in the sun once in a while. Tomorrow, we go to play with our RL friend, Erica. It'll be nice to get out.

I want to strew more and more things, but I really need more practice.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Daddy's got it

Ronnie has come so far over to the "dark side" I think he's got a better handle on the unschooling lifestyle then I do. I'm so proud of him. I am still having trouble when it comes to 'bad behavior'. (Like my almost six year old peeing in various items around the house.) I have to really reign myself in and find the cause.

I'm looking for an at home job to help fund our educational forays, but I'm very frustrated by the lack of options. I'll figure it out though. I might just have to find an evening position. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the children are doing well. Aria is learning much about social etiquette by playing She is beginning to understand what types of behaviors drive people away and what helps to create a deeper friendship. She's also learning vast amounts of vocabulary and her typing skills are better then mine.

Casey knows what lactose intolerant means from Jeff Dunham. He's learning to recognize several short words, like off and pig. I feel that in the next year his reading skills will really take off. Especially, since it will really help him in his gaming. It's a motivation.

Connor is still learning and relearning colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, and he is always expanding his vocabulary. He is a smarty pants and I can see the curiosity. He's the one that asks 'what's that?' and 'what you doing?' (or maybe, 'what the hell?')

I might start an excel sheet and see if I can categorize some of the daily learning into 'subjects'. Partly, to allay my fears, to show them what they are learning and to cover my ass.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This morning's subject will be the study of sound. Connor has demonstrated that the words, "Da, da, da, hotdog," sound great coming out of the end of a plastic tube. The sound is, also, very effective in waking your mother.

This is how I woke this morning. My nearly three-year-old son came into the bedroom this morning with a whistling tube. He made sure to get the end of it right over my head before demanding a hotdog. When it seemed that intended to get up, he very happily went out to the living room and told his daddy, "I told Mommy." He was very proud himself.